Installing Server 2016 on HP Microserver Gen8

I have been running a Domain in my small office for several years. I had a problem a couple of months back where Server 2012 R2 stopped working. I went ahead and purchased a version of Server 2016. I have had several issues installing the new server software, so hopefully the hints and tips below will help me in the future and anyone else who stumbles across this post.

I copied the ISO image on the DVD onto a USB drive. First I added the DVD into my computer, and checked it worked. I then opened an elevated command prompt.


list disk

select disk ?

list disk

Change the ? to the drive letter of the USB drive you have inserted. The second list disk command will show you have selected the correct disk – it will have a * at the start of the line.


create partition primary

select partition 1


format fs=ntfs quick label="Server2016"


Now you need to copy the boot folder from the DVD to the USB drive. Stay in CMD and change into the DVD drive folder (in my case F:)


cd boot

bootsect /nt60 D:

Note: D is the drive letter for the USB stick.

Now copy the boot folder to the USB drive.

xcopy F:\*.* D:\ /E /H /F

install.wim will take a long time to copy – just be patient.

Next I had to install the USB drive in the internal USB port inside the cover. No other USB port worked for me. I plugged in the USB disk and booted the Microserver. Pressing F11 will select the boot menu, and option 3 booted from USB.

Once windows loaded, I was unable to find any drives (previously configured in Intelligent Provisioning). So I searched the internet for the “HP Microserver Gen8 Disk Drivers” I found the correct driver on this site. I extracted the drivers onto the second USB drive and inserted the second stick into one of the USB2 ports on the front of the server. The Windows installation allowed me to search for the drivers for the disk array and install. Once the driver was installed I was able to finish the installation of Server 2016 without any issues.