Deek-Robot Pro Mini

The Deek-Robot Pro Mini is nearly identical to the Sparkfun Arduino Pro Mini. It has all of the I/O of the Arduino Uno, plus two more analog inputs. There is only a 5V version of the board. The “extra” I/O is at the end opposite the programming connector. This is slightly different than the Sparkfun Arduino Pro Mini boards, which have the analog pins in an unhandy position in the interior of the board. Either way, you can’t put pins in them and use them on a breadboard (the pins would need to point up). With the Deek-Robot Pro Mini, the extra pins at the end are at least on the same 0.1″ centers as the rest of the connectors, even though A4 and A5 are off by 0.05″.

The Deek-Robot Arduino Pro Mini is probably the most ripped off board there is. Everyone is counterfeiting the board, or at least stealing the name. That is likely because it is the most popular of the small form factor boards by far.

A size comparison of the four small form factor Arduino boards is helpful to see where the Deek Robot Pro Mini fits in the tiny Arduino board lineup.

Analog Inputs8
Analog Outputs0
Operating Voltage5
Operating Frequency16MHz
3.3V OutputNone
Test Current Draw18mA
Deek-Robot Pro Mini Pinout


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